Products and services

Steel forged into high-quality products with passion and expertise

Our products are used in the ship and offshore, paper, pulp, energy and mechanical engineering industries. Thanks to our production machinery, including a turntable, we are able to perform the submerged arc welding of large and heavy components. We can work on carbon steels, austenitic steels, duplex steels and nickel steels. We deliver our products as ready-made assemblies or as dimensionally accurate, ready-to-install components, which the customer then welds together.

Large components for demanding applications

The diameter of the largest pressure vessel head that we have produced so far was 46.8 metres, and it was delivered to the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant. The largest pressure vessel head that we have delivered as one piece had a diameter of 10.8 metres. Halikko Steel has the appropriate facilities, production machinery and certifications to manufacture a wide range of demanding products for various applications.

We work with a number of different steel grades, such as carbon steels, duplex steels, nickel steels, austenitic steels and other steel grades that are suitable for cold forming.

Our core expertise includes demanding welding, cold forming, thermal treatment and surface treatment. As a result of long-term determined development work, our production processes are fine-tuned to produce a wide range of high-quality products and services, which are available either individually or as a package, depending on the needs of each and every customer.

The quality of our products is inspected through accredited testing and inspection organisations. The most commonly used testing methods are PT, RT, UT and MT testing.

Reactor hall roof Ø 46,8 m