Hemispheres and other spherical shell structures

Optimal pressure resistance and a stylish look with spherical structures.

Hemispherical vessel heads and spherical tanks

The typical diameter of hemispherical structures is 3 meters or greater. The diameter of the largest spherical tanks that we have delivered was about 20 metres. Larger pieces are delivered as components, which have been preassembled at our workshop in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy. We manufacture spherical tanks as contract manufacturing.

Hemispherical heads

Other spherical structures

Spherical structures can be made to be stylish and visually impressive. Spherical structures are used in, for example, pieces of art or architectural structures. Typical applications are large buildings or cruise liners.

Beach ball Ø 5,0 m

Hemispherical head installed to the tank

Spherical tanks on site – delivered in segments

Spherical tank

Loaded hemispherical heads Ø 6,0 m

Hemispherical heads