Fabricated products and steel structures

We are the subcontractor of choice for a number of suppliers of fabricated products and steel structures.

We manufacture a wide range of fabricated products and steel structures, either as contract manufacturing or as turnkey deliveries. Our network of selected partners in design and machining, for example, are at our customers’ service in turnkey deliveries. Our customers can trust our expertise, high quality of products and timely delivery. Our own surface treatment facilities further improve the cost-efficiency of our operations.

Fabricated products

We manufacture demanding single pieces of equipment and components. We have manufactured, among others, drum screens, dryers, silos, ladles, drums and various structures for industrial furnaces. Our special expertise lies in demanding 3D structures, large pieces and demanding welding.

Ice buoy

Steel structures

We manufacture various EN 1090 compliant steel structures as contracted work. One of our advantages is that we can pre-assemble even large component entities or ensure dimensional accuracy by using 3D scanning, for example. Apart from zinc-coating, we also carry out surface treatment at our workshop.

Loaded silo

Special screv

welded beams

Welding for a rotor centre

Welding of shell plate

Chip silos