Surface and thermal treatments

Normalizing, pickling, paint-coating...

Our services include a wide range of thermal and surface treatments at our own facilities. We have appropriate facilities and equipment to pickle, shot blast and paint-coat even larger (over 10 metres) pieces. The maximum diameter for thermal treatment is 8.4 metres.

Thermal treatments

  • normalization
  • annealing
  • solution annealing + air cooling
  • hardening
  • solution annealing + water cooling

We have three furnaces, each equipped with a control system and a temperature chart recorder. The dimensions of our largest furnace are 8.5 x 10.5 x 2.8 metres (width x length x height). In addition to vessel heads, we can also carry out the thermal treatment of various cast pieces, welded structures and entire tanks.

Heat treatment


  • bath pickling (bath diameter 5.4 m)
  • paste pickling (large pieces)

Pickled heads

Abrasive blast cleaning

  • teel shot blasting
  • sandblasting

Shot blasting


  • As per the customers’ requirements
  • The most commonly used colour charts
  • Priming and paint-coating
  • AK, SIL, EP and PUR coatings

Painted head

Painted leg for vessel